Graphics for Music in the Digital Age

The relationship between graphic design and music have been really varied through technological developments. It is because of the computer usage in graphic design that allows experiencing many techniques and extending the limits of design. Also the music has developed with sound technologies. These new developments has brought digital way of communicating and designing. First of all, the album covers and posters has changed and became more expressive which give the sense of sound and visualise the technological side of it. The relation of typography with the music became more experimental also. It was not limited with printed materials but with the variety of different mediums provides new applications and visual expressions.

The graphics which are made for Depeche mode can be an example for digital design that includes also web application for people to remix loops and samples from the album. Mat Cook has designed a box set for remixes (2004). It includes many different versions for one album. The visuals are resulted in moire effect with digital images which are filmed on computer monitor. This process gave the remixing idea with combining analogue with new digital technique.


Another design is a front cover for Emo Droidz of V.L.A.D designed by Matt Pyke. Then cover is complex, live and visualize the sound with type experiments and vector graphics. The colors are bright and combined very well with distorted letters.

These are the early example of digital artworks for album covers and artwork for music is considered as significant for design world . The competition is made every year which is called Best Art Vinyl. The last winner is the cover art for the album The Resistance by Muse. It contains a small human figure in front of a colored Kaleidoscope which is placed around the earth in the space.

The posters are also varied in the purpose of visualizing sound wit digital graphics…

There are many new experiments in visualizing sound including information graphics which is another aspect of graphic design which became with the computer age. Complex data visualizations are made with impressive graphics.

The World of Music, by researchers at Standford, MIT and Yahoo!, intends to render the music space in an unprecedented way. This visualization shows 9,276 artists and how they are related to each other. The artist relation data is mined from user ratings of artists in the Yahoo! Music service.” (

Another example for data visualization for music is about The Beatles. There are many infographics made for The Beatles. Charting the Beatles is a project which is based on analyzing their music and records,  created by Micheal Deal.

Of course, music has been applied to many mediums and with the rise of new developments of technology, many ways of visualizing has appeared. It includes video, print, web, animation, motion graphics etc.

  1. The good blog very much was pleasant I will watch your news

    • jessica
    • April 5th, 2011

    Nice!!! Who’s the designer of the Festival of Sight and Sound Poster? Very very nice poster.

      • ezgiyildirim
      • April 6th, 2011

      Thanks! The poster is by Sandy Karman. A young Indonesian designer. He has really nice poster works.

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